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August 23rd, 2016

Food intolerances not so simple!



You might not have expected this from your Food Intolerances!

We often equate Food Intolerances with digestive health issues such as gas, bloating, loose stools, constipation, pain, cramping, etc. Food Intolerances can trigger many other health problems that you need to be aware of, since there are many faces of Food Intolerances.

In my clinical experience spanning almost 3 decades I have seen a wide variety of  complaints, that as we finally determined, were the result of a Food Intolerance.

For example; a patient of mine who was diagnosed as clinically depressed. With all the classic signs such as sleep disruption, anxiety, poor motivation, fatigue, headaches, nausea, and bouts of grief. As you might expect a traditional medical doctor prescribed antidepressants and told her that she would need to manage her symptoms with drugs!

As an experienced physician I knew there is almost always a cause and therefore a way to begin healing. This is where I followed Dr. Jheeta’s Unified Healing System, my unique 5 step method I created so everyone can learn how to take back control of their own health!  We looked first looked at this patients’ Body Composition her lifestyle routine including exercise and diet. Then we then performed a Food Intolerance test, and to our surprise she had a high gluten sensitivity. We put together an action plan including removal of all gluten from her diet and within 3 weeks all of her symptoms of depression were resolved at which point, she was slowly taken off  her antidepressant therapy!

In a another case one of my patients had severe migraine headaches. Here again we worked through my 5 step method, and in this scenario the patient also had a Food Intolerance issue. The initial action plan was to remove the food she was highly intolerant to is this case strawberries and nuts. Once we removed these foods and pointed out how some medium Food Intolerances were also interacting with her. All her headaches were resolved!

So you can see from these examples that Food Intolerances cause many problems, and are also caused by things that most people had not considered! This is why my 5 step method is so value in the identification and elimination process of a particular cause of an illness. Here are few other health concerns not normally associated with Food Intolerances, skin rash, join paint, acid reflux, and even memory issues!  So remember educate, evaluate and empower yourself!


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The Doctors of the Future have a number of important attributes that assist them in their quest to educate patients:

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In my book The Doctor Of The Future Is Here, I describe all the tools I have created to help Doctors educate their patients.

These were designed to help patients make a connection with some of the influences and market forces that affect our daily lives and our health.

For example, I was looking for a way to describe how our culture and the health care system of today evolved out of the Industrial Revolution. I created the 3 Ps, which is my shorthand for profits, products, and people.

The important thing here is that my concept of the 3 Ps became a way for me to understand corporate decision-making, and to see that in real life there are no fairy-tale kings, dragons, or villagers.

The 3 Ps simply represent a way of doing business. It's not all good and it's not all bad. Like most things in life, it's both, and each of us has to learn to understand it well enough to make it work for us in our own lives.

Whenever I'm tempted to blame corporations for the health issues I see in my patients every day, the 3 Ps remind me that corporations are not to blame. They're doing what they're supposed to do, which is make a profit. That's what they're accountable to their shareholders for doing. They're not responsible for our health. WE ARE! Each of us, as individuals. It's our job to recognize the risk factors for illness and work proactively to prevent it, not wait until we're sick and then take reactive measures.

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About The Lost Wisdom Newsletter

As most of us have noticed over these last few decades modern science and technology have been advancing exponentially. Even in my short time here we have come from getting up off the sofa to turn a knob in order to change the channels on the TV. To lying on the sofa using a smart phone to operate and surf all 500 hundred channels! I believe in many ways people just take it for granted that new science is automatically the best science!

There is no doubt about the numerous benefits of newly discovered science and technology, however, we need to respect and understand the past and the science behind what we once thought of as just a simple life style and simple health practices! Practices our parents, grandparents and great grandparents used even though they didn't fully understand the science behind the benefits. They just knew these practices were beneficial, they just did not know the how and why. But now we know that our intuition was correct all along, and we have the science to prove it!

At that time experience and observation, empirical evidence, was the key factor in these older practices. Many of which were passed down from generation to generation with absolute conviction and trust. Remember these practices would have been stopped if their safety and effectiveness were in doubt. It was clearly defined over the years with no bias.

Unfortunately, as the generations passed these pearls of wisdom were forgotten, discredited and eventually lost. These pearls of wisdom are what refer to as lost wisdom!

Learn more about true preventative healthcare here each week, as I plan to get into other examples where it can be applied, as well as other relevant topics.


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