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November 9, 2016

Vaccine questions?




Do the benefits of vaccines (i.e. reduced sickness and death) outweigh the risks (a potential skin rash)? This question may sound ridiculous, after all, who wouldn't be willing to vaccinate based on those choices. However, the decision is not that simple.

On February 22, 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court shielded drug companies from all liability for harm caused by vaccines mandated by government.

From now on, drug companies selling vaccines in America will not be held accountable by a jury of our peers in a court of law. If the risk of a vaccination was just a minor skin rash or mild fever then why would the manufacturers of vaccines require a no fault law? Through the various media channels we are inundated with how important they are, and more recently, how unvaccinated children are even contributing to new outbreaks!

These types of decisions need to be properly explained, instead of summarized often by under qualified professionals and news agencies. This rhetoric produces mass forms of tunnel vision, often from people who don’t have all the facts, and repeating something they heard from someone else, who equally doesn’t fully understand the science. This is how people are easily mislead into assuming that safety is measured in immediate signs or symptoms such as a rash. And why I want to emphasize that SIDE EFFECTS ALONE DO NOT ACCOUNT FOR SAFETY!

Let's talk science. One of the most highly recognized methods of measuring safety is with a randomized long-term double-blind study to prove the safety of immunizations. NOT, the efficacy! Just because a drug or treatment works does NOT make it safe for people!

So before you are convinced immunizations are safe, please review the standard at which ALL drugs need to pass, this is called efficacy versus effectiveness studies. Learn what it means first, and then make an informed decision. Vaccines and immunizations need to be treated as any other drugs. NO fast tracking. Long-term studies need to be completed to prove safety.

A term that has been used lately, “herd” immunity; vaccinating a healthy population to protect the "at risk” population, which does sound like a noble cause. My question is what are the long-term risks of this practice if any? The idea of ongoing vaccinations and their long-term potential risks should be clarified shouldn’t they? In order to better understand the science behind “herd” immunity, please research the science of waning immunity, before again jumping into the herd!

I would also like to invite everyone to study immunology, but more specifically, humoral versus cell-mediated immunity before casting such a strong opinion either pro or con! Hypothetically, if a long-term study concluded a small chance of serious negative outcomes for those who vaccinate - would the healthy population willingly vaccinate themselves to protect the at risk population?

I love my children and want to make sure they remain healthy for many years to come. My children deserve the same respect and protection from disease as at risk children. But I don’t like the idea that we are all guinea pigs in a grand experiment!

It seems there is no doubt about the efficacy of vaccinations. They have had an impact on mortality rates from viral disease. But again how effective are they when compared to potential long-term risk factors? So until there is full transparency and conclusive evidence that the benefits of a vaccines out-weighs the drawbacks there will always be controversy.

I urge any person with an opinion on this subject to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. I have provided you with some key subject areas to review in a non-bias scientific method! Remember educate, evaluate, and empower yourself!


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As most of us have noticed over these last few decades modern science and technology have been advancing exponentially. Even in my short time here we have come from getting up off the sofa to turn a knob in order to change the channels on the TV. To lying on the sofa using a smart phone to operate and surf all 500 hundred channels! I believe in many ways people just take it for granted that new science is automatically the best science!

There is no doubt about the numerous benefits of newly discovered science and technology, however, we need to respect and understand the past and the science behind what we once thought of as just a simple life style and simple health practices! Practices our parents, grandparents and great grandparents used even though they didn't fully understand the science behind the benefits. They just knew these practices were beneficial, they just did not know the how and why. But now we know that our intuition was correct all along, and we have the science to prove it!

At that time experience and observation, empirical evidence, was the key factor in these older practices. Many of which were passed down from generation to generation with absolute conviction and trust. Remember these practices would have been stopped if their safety and effectiveness were in doubt. It was clearly defined over the years with no bias.

Unfortunately, as the generations passed these pearls of wisdom were forgotten, discredited and eventually lost. These pearls of wisdom are what refer to as lost wisdom!

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