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January 24th, 2017

Can sleep affect your Health?



Can sleep affect your health?

This year has got to be one of the coldest years I can remember. In fact, in all my years here in Vancouver, British Columbia I don’t recall it ever getting this cold!

When temperatures fluctuates this much, I tend to see more patients with colds and flues than normal. I have talked about what you should be doing to combat these types of symptoms. Although, the one thing that almost everyone needs more of, and is the one thing that really can affect your health in a positive way – getting a good night’s sleep!

The feeling we get from a good night’s sleep in contrast to long periods of restless sleep, is profound! One of the most common causes of sleep disorders as most people know is stress. We all have various levels of stress in our lives. Unfortunately, since lack of sleep can be debilitating many people are convinced by advertising or their health care professionals that taking sleep medications is the fastest solution! Some of these medications are prescription drugs, antidepressants and/or anti-anxiety drugs. In some cases even herbal sedatives. These drugs do work sometimes, however, they also can have undesirable side effects and moreover do not address the underlying cause.

In my clinical experience one of the most common causes of sleep disorders is the result of a little known hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that has many benefits when released by the adrenal gland. One such benefit is to help our body’s response to stress. During a normal cycle cortisol will rise in the morning and help our body to prepare for the day with energy, motivation and drive. By mid-day cortisol should level-out, so we can now maintain a healthy response to stress either physical or psychological. By evening your cortisol drops dramatically as we prepare for sleep. As cortisol drops sleep hormone can begin to calm and relax the body in preparation for sleep. In normal circumstances sleep is consistent and restful. As early morning approaches, morning cortisol begins to rise and we are able to wake feeling rested and this cycle repeats on a daily basis.

What I have come to see is a pattern where cortisol remains abnormally high even in the late evening. This may be in part due to high mental or physical stress. This results in poor and disrupted sleep behavior. As I mentioned earlier high stress is a major elevator of cortisol along with drugs, stimulants and certain foods. The obvious question now is how do we normalize cortisol cycles?

In most circumstances this question is often overlooked and we are given sedatives, narcotics, antidepressants and/or tranquilizers. In my practice I take a different path for my patients. First, I will evaluate cortisol and adrenal health by a simple urine testing. From this test we can identify in many cases irregularities in adrenal hormone levels. We can then provide our patients with a list of options to re-establish normal cortisol and adrenal hormone rhythms. I have found that this method can help to permanently resolve sleep disorders. When I say permanently resolve sleep disorders, I mean by empowering my patients to know what and how certain stressors affect their sleep cycle. They now really do know what to expect in the future, and can make the necessary adjustments in their own life! Remember educate, evaluate and empower yourself!



Dr. Raj Jheeta



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