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February 7th, 2017

Good Habits can replace bad habits!



 Good Choice / Bad Choice - Good Habits / Bad Habits

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in modern time. It is also the most preventable, so why the dilemma?

Lifestyle is the main determining factor!

As I have come to learn, bad habits are hard to break. We tend to eat too much and exercise too little and we invariably pass these habits on to our children. Our future generations are growing up to be overweight, in poor physical condition and are contributing to the shocking diabetes “epidemic“.

Just as bad habits are hard to break, we all know that good habits are equally hard to break! Try going a few days without brushing your teeth or bathing? Good luck!

We are focused on our children’s extracurricular activities including school tutorials, dancing, sports, etc. The problem is we don’t seem to be engaged in our children’s lives with regards to what is a healthy diet!

Children learn the importance of a good education, a career, and even relationships! Yet for some reason education on the impact of diet on their future well being is not a priority.

Over the past two decades as a Naturopathic Doctor I have made it a priority in my practise to teach parents the importance of instilling good habits in their children’s lives. I believe this is the only way to begin to reverse the dismal future of health for generations to come. My family is living proof this can be done in one generation!

My son is now 16 years old. I have always reminded him of the importance of good diet choices and how to manage his choices in a world that is bombarded with over consumption and media influences on how we eat. He understands what a sensible portion of food is for his age as apposed what he sees on television. Massive plates of food and supersized meals, those are no doubt attractive but not realistic. He also knows the difference between healthy foods and junk food. Remember he is only 16 and as a parent I am aware he will no doubt indulge in junk food, however he also knows that these foods are a “treat” and should never be considered part of a normal diet.

I remember last month he told me a story about a couple of his friends who make a trip to the local convenience store every day for lunch, and they eat whatever junk food they can get their hands on for lunch. Products such as pizza, fries, chips, cola, doughnuts and more! He also said to me in a confused way “I can’t believe these guys eat that stuff every day?” He continued by saying “I know it tastes good but how can anyone eat that junk every day?” I told him that he was aware of the nature of junk food and where it fits in his life (as a treat once in a while) I also told him that his friends may have no idea that the habits they are forming have an impact on their health and life in general. This behaviour is just bad habits they were allowed to develop, so clearly to me their parents were not engaged in their children’s diet and lifestyle or they were completely unaware? I am confident my son will never have diet or lifestyle related disease just because good habits are as hard to break as bad habits!

My advice to anyone who will listen, is to educate yourself about the importance of proper diet and exercise, then teach your children! Remember educate, evaluate, and empower yourself!





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There is no doubt about the numerous benefits of newly discovered science and technology, however, we need to respect and understand the past and the science behind what we once thought of as just a simple life style and simple health practices! Practices our parents, grandparents and great grandparents used even though they didn't fully understand the science behind the benefits. They just knew these practices were beneficial, they just did not know the how and why. But now we know that our intuition was correct all along, and we have the science to prove it!

At that time experience and observation, empirical evidence, was the key factor in these older practices. Many of which were passed down from generation to generation with absolute conviction and trust. Remember these practices would have been stopped if their safety and effectiveness were in doubt. It was clearly defined over the years with no bias.

Unfortunately, as the generations passed these pearls of wisdom were forgotten, discredited and eventually lost. These pearls of wisdom are what refer to as lost wisdom!

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