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Our Branded Licensing Program is designed for:

  • Naturopaths looking to open their own clinic
  • Entrepreneurs looking to open their own wellness centre
  • Existing clinics looking to raise their profile
  • Existing clinics that would like to expand their revenue streams

With our Branded Licensing Program you clinic will receive:

  • Instant credibility in the marketplace from the expertise of an industry expert with more than 28 years of industry experience
  • You are immediately associated with an established and proven expert
  • You get that head start - that savvy clients look for when choosing a clinic
  • You will receive proven marketing and media consulting to generate new clients
  • You will receive FREE professional in-clinic mentoring during the launch period
  • You will be trained how to implement Dr. Jheeta’s Unified Wellness System, featuring advanced diagnosis and treatment techniques, that will expand your customer base
  • You will be provided with professional content and educational materials
  • You will be provided with our latest content to keep your clinic up to date
  • Under this brand you will have access to expertise that just isn’t readily available in this industry!
  • We offer an ongoing mentoring program after the initial launch period - so you are never alone in your own business!
  • Our Focus: This system and expertise will give you the confidence to build an integrated wellness clinic aimed at creating successful patient outcomes!
  • Remember: You are actually investing in yourself with our brand!

Who is Dr. Raj Jheeta, ND

  • Dr. Jheeta is the 53rd Registered Naturopath in Canada.
  • Dr. Jheeta has been a practicing naturopathic doctor in British Columbia, Canada since 1988.
  • For the past 25 years he has been an international lecturer recognized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American College of Surgeons and Physicians.
  • Dr. Jheeta is the author of “The Doctor Of The Future Is Here”
  • Dr. Jheeta has created a 5 step method that with the proper training could change the face of naturopathic medicine!
  • Dr. Jheeta’s preventative medicine lectures address topics including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, drug-induced nutrient depletion, prescription drugs, herbal medicine interactions, and anti-aging breakthroughs, as well as nutraceutical medicines and functional foods.
  • He is one of Canada’s foremost experts in preventative health care, wellness, and anti-aging.
  • In his spare time he provides health care tips to local media, including TV appearances and newspaper articles.
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