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I have spent my entire career accumulating the knowledge that helped me develop the tools in this book. The tools I have created could have a profound effect on the way you think about health. I believe these tools will help educate you about your health in a way that has never been explained before giving you confidence that you never had.

Through several simple evaluations , you will understand how healthy you really are and if needed what measures to take in order to prevent possible disease processes from happening . These evaluations provide a simple way to estimate your risk for some of the leading causes of mortality in the world today, including heart disease, diabetes, various cancers, and different stress-related disorders . The knowledge gained during these evaluations will empower you like never before to take back control of your health!In my book you will learn how to use my tools and system which includes a step by step evaluation method that will revolutionize how people take care of themselves on a preventative basis . After seeing and tendingto literally thousands of patients over the past 25 years, I have come to realize that there is a health epidemic,and it can’t be cured or resolved inside my two clinics.I have observed that most people I tended to over these past decades, had not realized, that they were actually the ones in control of their own health!

Book Reviews

  • The real bible of health! II really don’t know where to start from talking about this book and where to end. This is one of the rare books that one sees and reads in a lifetime and it’s because of the fact that almost every dimension of health is described in it. It not only includes what health is in modern times but what it was since the beginning and how it has been changed to its current version.

    Amid the effect of change in food on health and the rising dominance of drugs in our life there is the connection to the big picture of how did we lose the grip of our health and why stress is taking over our lives. So it is not limited to physical aspect of health only but its mental process as well. The evaluation segment explains the body, functionality of its different system and how they affect the health, aging process and mental peace. And at last how to take control of things to balance the current situation and lead a better life.

    I feel enlightened knowing so much about myself and my body after reading this book. I am really thankful to Raj Jheeta for writing such a life changing book. The thing I really like about this book is that the writer has given proper references of his research and clearly mentioned the source references. It’s a long book and worth keeping for a lifetime. What more can I say? Try it yourself.

  • A wealth of knowledge - everyone needs to read this book! I didn't know this book would be so comprehensive when I bought it, but this really is one of the best books about your health and the way the world is changing. I loved that it went into explaining some of the many things that we really do not think about that is ruining our health, like fast food and refined sugars and much more. I think this is a must read especially for those that have children. It has a lot of great information in it and is an excellent wealth of information.

  • A great book for your questions about health! This is a great reference book! At first I thought they were stating the obvious and basically encouraging their readers to eat everything healthy. Then I got into sections of material I wasn't familiar with and really started enjoying the book. It's full of short sections on many subjects- easy to find your way around and get good information. It provides simple tips and tricks, without overwhelming the readers about medicinal names and terminologies.

  • The book gave me a lot of great hope for the future and made me realize it! I have always been interested in new medicines that are coming out in the future and also what cures and miracles are going to come about. The world is growing so fast and technology is growing at a rapid speed, so everything will come together. This book gave me a lot of great hope for the future and made me realize by having faith, everything will work out. This goes through a system to check the health of your family to see what direction everyone is heading. Great book and would recommend it!

  • A great look at Naturopathy! This book is framed upon a quote by Thomas Edison that goes, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

    I had never heard this quote before, but I really liked the concept of it. As a health professional, I am very much aware how an ounce of prevention is worth ten times the cure. Dr. Jheeta explores this idea in depth and really dissects the naturopathic approach. He explains how his views developed with anecdotes of his career, and he also ties in a lot of little discussions of historical events to explain some of the developments. He touched upon a huge variety of subjects, so it was a pretty interesting read that kept my attention.

  • A wonderful read! This is the best book that I have read so far. This book is a totally life changer and loaded with tips, techniques, ideas, and strategies, to help and cure the humans. Dr. Jheeta really created a masterpiece. I really enjoyed the book. I really liked the chapter “How do we learn from the Past”. Finally I would recommend this read for everyone no matter what level of confidence you are. Amazing!!!

  • This truly is some cutting edge research and work. My brother used neuropathy in the past to help heal the pain in his shoulders from his job in IT. I wanted to learn more to help my back pain and there are some real eye opening stats and research being presented that can really help a lot of people. If you want to actually learn something new going on in medicine and health care, check this book out.

  • We know that doctors are God on earth and prevention is better than cure. It is believed that the integration of naturopathic medicine into the national healthcare system has the potential not only to reduce human suffering, but to reduce the financial cost of that suffering. The Author has written the book on the topic Naturopathic medicine. I have read this book and overall it is a very good book to read, a lot of information you will get by reading this book.

  • Taking care of things that matter! It is true that even diseases that have no certain cause can be avoided by avoiding certain habits. This is something we all think we know but ignore until our knowledge of it isn't of any use. This book by Raj explains to us how illnesses are essentially our doing and how we can avoid them by wise decisions and keeping a few things in mind. The pointers given are clear-cut, methodical and sensible. The book itself is really good work by Jheeta. He has convinced me to pay heed to all that he's said in the book and work towards taking more care of my health for the long run.

  • Real healthcare! Dr. Raj Jheeta has specified many of his health tips and experiences regarding many fatal diseases. If we keep ourselves healthy we should follow the health care tips and prevent from the things that Dr. Jheeta asked us. It’s worth more than 99 cents but it’s really cheap for this rates.

  • The things we didn't expect now have a great probability to happen in the future. To clear things up, I want you all to read this book. So now what I'm trying to convey is that the book has to deal with the prevention we might do because we do not know what risks are likely to happen. I am so happy I found this one because it is very interesting and fun to read yet on the other side, it will lead you to a more vivid knowledge that will enhance your mind. This is a great find for me, I love how it talks about on how a lot of things can occur with no time. I really learned so many things from this book. And now if you are reading this, I hope you will be taking a time to read this such amazing book. This deserves my 5 stars.

  • Thanks Doctor! I totally agree with the author here. It is true that we can prevent anything that will affect our health badly. I have learned from this book and I am applying the 5 step evaluation with myself and my family. This book is really informative and can teach you a lot of information about different diseases and how you can avoid them. It's a good book to read and I commend the author for writing such a good book.

  • I am pondering what else I can do now to protect my family and myself from diseases in this time or generation. I learned how to evaluate how healthy I am and my family. This book taught me the differences between prevention and early detection. This book also explained to me how preventions are the best way to avoid prescription drugs. This book educated me with the knowledge on how to create natural remedies to cure diseases. Awesome book!

  • Great read on healthcare! This book is an interesting read on healthcare. Dr Raj Jheeta shared his healthcare tips and the preventive measures on diseases. He also shared some of his experiences with some of his patients and how to care for our body. This book opens up my mind to a new perspective as it explains the history and the reality in today's situation. One of the chapters is, Dr Raj explains in great detail how stress takes over our lives and the effects of it that happens to our body I really enjoyed reading this book. Such great value of information just for 99 cents!

  • Great read. It makes a person reflect on their own personal health care. Far too often, we rely on prescription drugs to manage sickness/health. It's time to take control of our health and well being though proper education, diet, exercise, etc.

  • I have for many years been interested in reading books on health, listened to speakers and online Doctors, and various online newsletters. I have always felt that I was quite well informed. Upon reading through Dr. Jheeta's book today, I want to say this IS the best book, straight forward, easily understood information I have yet seen for people to start to understand their health issues. As well as what can be done by people themselves along with a Naturopathic Doctor to prevent, heal and empower themselves to be responsible for their well being. Especially the information on adrenal gland health! I love the way the book is set out; Education, Evaluation, and Empowerment, to know, to understand and to act responsibly on what you have learned about your own body and health. I really appreciate the gentle and compressive way he educates the reader. I feel like when I am reading that I am having a private, compassionate, and sincerely dedicated health professional listening and sharing with me his wisdom in a way that all can understand. This is an EXCELLENT Book and will serve whoever reads it very well. Thank you, Dr. Jheeta for putting together such a helpful educational health book of information.

  • Simple read pointing out what we all seem to have forgotten, to take our health and well being into our own hands now in a diagnostic proactive approach versus “Band-Aids” via Pharma drugs later. There has been a serious decline in the “Consultative” General Practitioners of the past. Prescription drugs have their place, and may help the pain or maybe even cure us, but knowing in advance of an oncoming potential threat to our health and/or life is priceless. The message and tools to work on my health now rather than manage my pain later will add years to my life.…. Learning how to evaluate how healthy I am, and how to stay that way, seems a lot easier than managing how sick I may be if I don’t take action today. Well done! Thank you!

  • The doctor of the future provides unique perspective and a page turning review of the current state of medical frustration in North America. The book properly addresses the relationship between allopathic and natural medicine in a cooperative partnership that is a refreshing approach. It quiets many of the inflammatory arguments and seeks to take medicine out of the hands of western medicine, but also puts western medicine firmly in its place. An excellent read, for many it should become a study and a daily practice!

  • Great book with page after page of practical, informative and self empowering information, written in laymen's terms. It is not written with any bias either towards a Naturopathic approach or against Allopathic practices but instead gave me an whole new perspective in how to combine the best of both disciplines and apply that knowledge and pursue a balanced and educated preventative protocol towards the healthcare of my family and most importantly my children. An integrative approach. Generational health, makes complete sense to me. Thanks

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